About Us

About Us

금룡테크 회사전경
KR TECH is a leading manufacturer of precision electromagnets,
charged particle beam line systems, medical therapy systems,
solar industry and particle accelerator magnets for physics research.

KR TECH designs and manufactures resistive and superconducting electromagnets for particle accelerators of all types. The company provides a complete electromagnetic engineering, design, manufacture, and test service.These capabilities are available either individually or as an integrated package, depending on customer requirements. Providing design and engineering assistance to technology oriented customers for developing new projects and improving existing products. Thanks to its experience and production capacity, KR TECH masters a wide range of most recent technologies needed for magnetic systems for particle accelerators

KR TECH is committed to its customers
  • Aiming for total customer satisfaction

  • Treating customers and suppliers with the utmost respect

  • Striving for excellence

  • Providing a high standard of products and services

  • Fostering a strong and productive customer-supplier relationship among employee and customers alike.

  • Engineering expertise

    Engineering expertise

    KR TECH engineering staff includes doctorate and graduate level engineers and project managers. KR TECH expertise includes 2-D and 3-D magnetic and beam trajectory modelling and 3-D solid modelling design capability, plus full prototype capability and design for manufacture on Mermaid and inventor

  • Manufacturing process, control and development

    Manufacturing process, control and development

    KR TECH, in co-operation with customers and suppliers, is committed to the continual development and improvement of controlled manufacturing processes. Products information and feedback from customers and employees is used to pinpoint areas for operational improvements and the continual refinement of manufacturing processes.The highly automated system of manufacturing at KR TECH ensures the production of a diverse range of components in large or small runs with a low degree of variation.

  • Quality assurance

    Quality assurance

    Customer satisfaction is KR TECH’s first priority. KR TECH places extreme importance on products quality and has a dedicated team of quality assurance officers to constantly monitor production. Along with the most advanced manufacturing technology, KR TECH has adopted ISO 9001 as a tool for quality management, manufacturing control and continual process improvement.


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